This series has been dropped

(Eiyuu 《Shuyaku》 ni Narenai Yari Tsukai)
The Spear User that Couldn’t Become the Hero 《Protagonist》


In 2031 A.D. mysterious crystal bodies referred to as 『C.E.』 attacked. Humanity was gradually pushed down the road to ruin.
This is the story of a great hero who saved the Earth from destruction with his shining holy sword――not.
In history during humanity’s grimmest hour, this is the story of the overshadowed hero, a lone spear user.

In often cases, this would be a story about a cheat protagonist and his harem; but, this story is from the point-of-view of a supporting character that shows the conspiracy behind such plots.

Basically, the theme is school battles.

Arc 1・The Loser Dog Hero who is merely an Accessory


Chapter 1: Meeting

Chapter 2: Encounter

Chapter 3: Renown Spear

Chapter 4: The Female Sword Saint

Chapter 5: Duel

Intermission: 1

Arc 2・The Person Who God Favors, Thou Shall Be Named the Hero

Chapter 6: Fantasy Weapon